Delhi Defines Its Nawabi Andaaz with Pride at Hotel Pride Plaza

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cafe-prideA Royal Retreat to The Kitchens of the Nawabs with Chef Sartaj Qureshi of Café Pride

Delhi down the years of growth has welcomed several cuisines to live up to the tastes of its residents. However it is the Nawabi cuisines of the Capital City that has always been loved by all. Keeping in mind the enriched culinary kitchens of the Nawabs and preservation of the heritage, Hotel Pride Plaza is an ideal hub to pamper your Nawabi appetites with glory and perfection. Being invited for a blogger’s table to taste the well-curated menu by Chef Sartaj Qureshi, we chanced to witness some of the master perfections of the Nawabi kitchen.



The Showstopper: The Welcome Drink

It is indeed true the first impression always makes a solid mark on your heart and for Hotel Pride Plaza they were indeed the show stealers with a customized plate encrypted with your name with the welcome drink “Khus Ka Sherbet”


A curated, printed menu with the exquisite delicacies crafted by Executive Chef Shailendra Singh and Chef Sartaj Qureshi personalized with your name is indeed a warmly Hotel Pride Plaza proved that they know every inch of the guest’s heart by striking a splendid first impression.

A Royal Starter Session To Boast Of

The background score of Thumri added to the Nawabi appeal and thereafter followed the series of delicacies from the Nawabi kitchen. The journey commenced with some lovely veg delicacies like the Veg Platter which was stuffed with delectable veg assortments like Rajma Ki Galouti Kebab, Makai Moti Ki Seekh etc. to name a few.


Then followed the Paneer Lavanglata, another exquisite variety which boasted of magical flavors of Nawabi shades. This dish is an ideal delicacy to live the royal tastes with some punch of innovation.

Nawabi Andaz to The Core

The Nawabs have always been known for their awe-inspiring non vegetarian delicacies and Café Pride of Pride Plaza knew exactly to maintain the same with their non-vegetarian range of delicacies. The Narangi Pulao served in miniature pots were appealing to both the eye and the tastes.


A worth mentioning delicacy during this Nawabi journey was definitely the Moong Gosht, a delectable that had a lentil base with goshts in the curry. This is indeed an enticing fusion which will surely invite you to second your journey to this royal Hotel.


The Murgh-Koh-E-Awadh was a befitting accompaniment with its smooth gravy and melting in the mouth pieces of sumptuous chicken.



In the vegetarian stream we had the freshly chopped vegetables cooked into an ideal gravy thus proving that the Chef is a Jack of all trades, be it vegetarian or a non-veg one.

Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye with Nawabi Style

An equally delectable dessert made the Food Fiesta more memorable. It was an innovative delicacy “Gulkand aur Cheney Ka Jugalbandi” which was the most befitting conclusion to this wonderful royal luncheon session. The gulkand sliced into half with the Chena based Rasmalai served with rose petals was an exotic accompaniment to cease this royal andaaz.

This lunch would have been incomplete and completely an injustice without a tour through the property. And yes indeed, Hotel Pride Plaza has managed to retain the Nawabi royal and aristocratic culture in every nook and corner. With artefacts and wall décors styled with the royal touches Hotel Pride Plaza has truly captured the pride of India: its culture and heritage.



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