38 Barracks: Gastonomic Treats In A Military Setting By Master Chef Gautam Chaudhry

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Barracks, a word that immediately transports you to a land of army with disciplined regimes dedicated to a nation’s welfare? But what if an army block entity and a gastronomical session join hands, well; then, the outcome is certainly 38 Barracks, an army themed restaurant located in our very favourite Connaught Place. A conception of Mr. Ankur Aggarwal, 38 Barracks is indeed a mesmerising combination of some extraordinary sumptuous delicacies and an unadulterated loyalty to its proposed theme.


The Master Hands Behind Those Master Delicacies

We were fortunate enough to encounter an interaction with the Super Chef Gautam Chaudhry, who has devoted his culinary skills to top-notch extravagant properties like Radisson Blu, Oberoi’s and many more. It is indeed true that when great food and some extraordinary ideas get clubbed, you always earn a mind-blowing outcome and such a live endeavour is 38 Barracks.



The Birth STory of 38 Barracks

The nomenclature of 38 Barracks is indebted to a tryst of Mr. Ankur Agarwal with a colonel. Being inspired by his uniform and ideologies, Mr. Agarwal decided to welcome them in his creation of 38 Barracks. Maintaining absolute loyalty to his chosen theme, you can have the glimpses of all props that immediately make you admire the army life. From hats to rifles and all other relevant props, 38 Barracks lives up to its promised theme. Hats off to the brains that transformed these dream ideas into perfect realities!

Delicacies From The Barrack’s Kitchen

Coming to food, Master Chef Gautam Chaudhry escorted us through a gastronomical delight through the best of assorted delicacies.

Soldier’s Mirchi Vada

A must try when you hit the M-38 Barracks of Connaught Place. This amazing dish had a perfect combination of banana pepper fried in deep batter and then the sweet punch of the date base chutney. The delicacy’s name itself gives a perfect feeling of the thematic representation.



Being a Bong, I have always shared a soft corner for fish and the well-curated menu comprising of Bekti realised my foodie emotions. With dips of poato mash and Mayo, fish fillets were served. The best part of it was there was no foul smell of fish that accompanied the dish. When inquired, Chef briefed us about how they are extremely particular about the fresh stocks that fly to their kitchen every day.


Since I do not share an appetite for cocktails, I decided to opt for some mocktails instead and believe me 38 Barracks knows how to win a foodie’s heart. The Military Camp Mocktail shared an amazing presentation. You have a perfect punch of Geraldine, Orange, as well as Peach fused into a bulb giving you an amazing feeling of enjoying the best presentation. We also had the Kala Khatta Bunta, offering you an Indian flavoured drink when you are up for a Desi foodie fiesta.


Dal Makhani

Well, I think 38 Barracks has the best aDal Makhani intown. Despite their multiple cuisine themes, they have not lost their Indian roots which are best reflected in the Dal Makhani. The consistency of the Dal was quite appreciable and it indeed contained the essence of Ghar Ka Khana.


Battalion Samosa Booster

This amazing dish is a blessing to the monsoons. The fabulous Keema stuffing just adds on to the awesomeness of the dish.


We also experienced some other delectable treats like he Rara Soya, Chicken Olive Satay,  Beetroot Galouti and Masala Bhutta Tartlets and many more in the list.

Thai Vegetable yellow curry served with steamed rice were perfect main course companions, no wonder, keeping us full and satiated.


Last but not the least; we also had the in house prepared ice-cream. The live demonstration with nitrogen base preparation was a culinary treat both to the eyes as well as appetites.

38 Barracks know that the best ways to win the hearts is indeed food and thus the masterminds of Ankur Agarwal and Anuj Gupta made sure that they are able to do so with the brilliant cooking styles of Super Chef Gautam Chaudhry.


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