Skeyndor Celebrates 50 Years of Skincare With Glitz and Glamour in New Delhi

When it is a matter of beauty and skincare, Skeyndor seems to be an indispensable name. Caring for women from teen sixties, from working to housewives, Skeyndore has a solution curated for one and all. And now after a long span of serving the feminine beauty in a promising way, Skeyndor has just celebrated its 50th birthday a few days back. Absolute 50 glorious years dedicated to complete, unadulterated skin care has made Skeydore a partner of every woman’s beauty wardrobe essentially.


An Evening Dedicated to Skincare with Skeyndor

With the onset of its fiftieth birthday year, Skeyndor decided to mark this glorious achievement in the Capital City of India, New Delhi. Eros Hotel, Nehru Place was basking in glitz and shine with all beuties that came across from different parts from the world to congratulate the Skeyndor family on this grand birthday year. Ms. Margaret Beales, the Master of Cosmetic Science, flew down from Spain to impart her valuable training sessions and share informative and beneficial inputs about the Skeyndor’s new series of products as well as machines. The 3rd Dermaster Program 2016 was also organised for a perfect experience of understanding Skincare and Skeyndor’s dedication to the same.

DSC_2408 (1)

In a byte with Social Connoisseurs, Margaret shared how she enjoys and finds herself deeply satisfied with her switchover from the profession of teaching history and Geography to finally beauty and skin care. Years of experience have moulded her strongly assisting her to shape the skin care regimes of so many people.

Ms. Margaret Beales, on the eve of this occasion remarked that ” It is a joyous occasion for all of us here as we are celebrating the golden jubilee of Skyndor. It’s time to remember and cherish 50 golden years of the brand. The things that truly stand out and define its remarkable journey for the last 50 years are innovation, science and beauty. They have all contributed to its learning every day and made it an expert in understanding skin and skin care like no one does.”


Figures who Made The Evening A Grand Success

Eminent personalities from almost 60 reputed salons like Gitanjali, Bridgete Jones, Play Salon, Kanya Salon and many others had come over to be a part of the celebrations.

Valuable Inputs From Eminent Figures of Skeyndor’s Family

Mr. Ravi Mittal, founder of ECL and exclusive importer and exporter of Skeyndor says, “ What makes the occasion doubly delightful for us is that this year we also complete 5 years of Skeyndor’s presence in India. I can proudly say that in such a short time we have won hearts of professionals and customers who vouch for its efficacy, quality and results”.

Even Priyanka Tyagi, the head of Skeyndor cosmetics in India, had also been part of the event and she  in her special byte with Social Connoisseurs opined that how Skeyndor has been catering to the needs of both working women as well housewives with their versatile range of products.


The mission of “Changing Skin, Changing Lives” had been fulfilled to the core and “Derma Peel Pro” a new product from the Skeyndor fraternity also witnessed its launch.

A Birthday to Cherish

The evening went ahead with seamless doses of entertainment with some Retro dance performances, French mimicry and many more. Indeed with glitter and glamour, Skeyndor’s birthday party evening turned out to be a memorable one.


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