FriendShip Day Celebrations Receive A New Identity With Barcelos

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Friendship Day observed on the First Sunday of August undoubtedly gifts you a moment to voice out your feelings for your friends, strike a bond of reunion and celebrate those good old days of friendship with solemn memories. However what happens to those kids who never got a chance to meet their parents and their friendship bonds have been limited to the four walls of the home or orphanage? Their friendship day celebrations do not end up in posh cafes or urban parties. Keeping in mind the conditions of these kids, this year Barcelos Hauz Khas decided to add a touch of exclusivity to their lives on the eve of Friendship Day. 21 kids from the Samparn Home were invited to Barcelos for a gala lunch to ensure that their friendship day turns out to be a special memory for each of them.


The kids had an interactive lunch with all of us and everyone of them indeed experienced a perfect time. Their friendly natures, diverse knowledge about almost everything made us amazed. Burgers,fries,ice-creams and what not, everything was served on their platter to make sure that their friendship Day celebrations could turn out to be the best.


To add to their entertainment there was the famous dancer Anubhav Sharma. He ensured that every child and blogger made a dancing move with the foot-tapping tunes of Kaala Chashma.


The experience turned out to be an incredibly memorable one witnessing so many smiles on the faces of innocent little kids.


If Barcelos had won my heart before for their super delicious Portuguese cuisines, this time with this humanitarian approach of theirs, they stood out to be really exceptional.

Friendhip Day had never been so memorable in my life.

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