POPAI with Its OMA Awards Elevates The Complete Shopper Experiece

 The dynamics of business world is bursting out with innovative approaches. It is the time to shout out for innovation and new ideas and boosting them up with due recognition and herein comes POPAI. The name is a global identity and indeed is a familiar figure consumer’s industry. Targetted towards the achievement of upgrading the shopper’s experience in an outlet, POPAI has been redefining the standards of the buyer’s purchasing journeys through their bags of ideas.

In the present world of showcasing, where your credibility is gauged in terms of your physical presentation, the display factor is something that POPAI banks on. One cannot differ to agree on the fact that what appeals the eye is the first preference for the buyer. Therefore POPAI welcomes in its family industry players who have been changing the scenario of commodity display elevating the appeal for the buyer to the maximum heights.

So POPAI is open to all game-changers in the commercial industries whose endeavors are triggered to gift the shoppers a perfect visual treat. From adverstising agencies to marketers, retailers and teaching institutions this non-profit organization welcomes in its journey all. Whether you are a nascent, budding start-up or a well-developed establishment, if you believe you can hit the stores with the best of shopper experience, be ready guys, POPAI is the best suitor.


OMA Awards: POPAI’S Encouraging Tokens of Appreciation

Apart from reaching out to the best of business models with strategic training, educating them and moulding their endeavours in a brighter shape, POPAI also is engaged in the best of encouragement tokens through the proper recognition of the revolutionary hands and encouraging them with due dignity. Herein arrives OMA, a promising footstep by POPAI encouraging the talents and the efforts that have been responsible in catalyzing the consumer’s buying adventures.oma1

POPAI India that witnessed its resurrection in the year 2011 and OMA (Outstanding Merchandising Achievement) Awards have always been the one of the iconic representation of recognizing due dignity to the deserving figures. This year’s OMA was hosted by POPAI India at Pragati Maidan Delhi on 4th August and the evening was indeed a special one to remember.


With POPAI’s global presence spread in more than 60 countries, the evening witnessed the attendance of both national and international figures. Apart from the nominees from several industries, there were also the Chairman and other dignitaries from the POPAI India present.


The best part of OMA was POPAI had taken initiative to respect every attempt of the several nominees. Through the reward section as the gold, silver and the bronze statues, POPAI ensured that most of the participants stood encouraged for their efforts at OMA. While some could bag only the bronze, gold or silver, some of them had achieved it all.

The magic show conducted for a break was also a sigh of relief and entertainment for the palpitating nominees keen on knowing the results. Organizations like Planet Dezign and Spectrum Scan PVT. LTD. stole the show with the host of awards in their bags.

Words From The Table of Connoisseurs


An encounter with Mr. Amit De, the Chairman of POPAI and the managing director of Planet Dezign, illuminated us with POPAI’s initiatives. Mr. De clearly stated how the customer gets enthralled by the several designs and displays of different commodities when he or she walks into the market. And it is banking on these prospects POPAI thrives to encourage all those hands that delivers these display pleasures to the consumer. Ultimately the challenge lies to increase the basket size of the shopper when he walks out of the marketplace.


Mr. S.M. Ramprasad, the Vice-President of FUJIFILM also shared his insights about POPAI’s vision. He pointed out that gone are those days when a consumer walked into a common grocery or stationery shop crowded with rats and ants. It is now the supermarkets ruling the commerce and thus revamping of products and representation of the same are quintessential to attract the buying population.

OMA by POPAI marks a Stallworth of appreciation and is definitely worth applauding since it gives the finest boost to the merchandising sectors, encouraging and recognizing their toil and passion. No wonder POPAI has been ruling the global territories since 75 years



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