House of Commons: A Mini Gastronomic England in the Capital City, New Delhi

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Have you ever thought of finding a Mini England in the heart of the Capital City, New Delhi?  Welcome to House of Commons, the perfect Gastropub capturing within itself the fine traditional charm of the English era accompanied by great food.


House of Commons, based in the urban streets of Connaught Place is the most eligible suitor for your taste buds when you are in the lookout for a cozy, serene ambience with a thematic punch and great food. As soon as you step into this gastronomic joint, you are transported back to the Victorian era of England.


Ambiance (Theme and Décor)


House of Commons celebrates an unusual theme that elevates its appeal for the visitors. With its ambiance ideas drawn from the UK’s parliamentary House, this place demonstrates extreme loyalty to its chosen theme. From the décor to the naming of dishes in menu, every item in this joint has the British theme running in its veins. The place is dimly lit and this gives you one more reason to celebrate your cozy food sessions with the perfect moods.



If you were wondering that House of Commons centring on the British theme would only have a food range limited to the UK cuisines, then you are absolutely on the wrong path. The best part of HOC is that they welcome culinary treats from several destinations and even India does not lie behind. It is the variety and the punch of delicacies that make HOC stand out for a wholesome gastronomic journey. From the continental Nachos to the Indian butter chicken, every favourite of a foodie lies satiated by the HOC’s menu.


Coming to tastes, our foodie sessions sparked off with Oreo and Vanilla shake and the Hide N Seek Shakes. Frothy super creamy shakes with adequate consistency will surely make you crave more. The  cocktails Sangria as well as the Smoked apple Mojito were also treats to our boozing appetites with their quality choice of flavours and professional art of preparation.


Tasting Sessions

The starter range was indeed versatile and stood out for their bespoke varieties. While on one hand you had a fused presentation of Indo-western treat through HOC’s signature dish Palak Patta Chat, on the other you could also enjoy the nachos enriched with yummy cheese. We also had the Paneer tikka Pizza, the super delicious range of kebabs, fish fries and also the seafood special Fried Calamari.


Among the starters you cannot afford to miss out the Fried Calamari that is essentially soft squids with a crispy coating and definitely the Chatpata Palak Patta Chat. The Palak Patta Chat had been truly the signature dish with super crunchy spinach leaves garnished with Chatpata Tamarind chutney and crispy sev.


palak pa

The main courses were also equally divine delicacies with tastes oozing out from every bite.

birWhether it’s the typical Biryani and butter chicken or Laal Maas with your choice of breads or steamed rice with Thai curry, the portion sizes were quite good and there were no compromises on tastes too.


The gastronomic journey took to its end with the Brownie Cheesecake, a double-decker cake with the brownie as the base and cheesecake as the topping. I had also ordered a Honey and Almond smoothie that was the most befitting drink to conclude the meal.


House of Commons lies to be the perfect destination for every foodie who loves to celebrate a perfect mash up of several cuisines in a cosy and luxurious ambience. Moreover with their reasonable prices they are the best choices for all sorts of visitors without any age barriers.




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