Falana Dhimkana: The New Lifestyle and Decor Brand Ruling Buzzaria

When fashion and trend join hands, you know you are in Buzzaria. But when top-notch recyclable products and trend meet together, yes my dear friends you are again in Buzzaria. While Buzzaria has been always up for feeds with quirky fashion, this time it’s fashion with a dash of change and change for the better. Meet the brand Falana Dhimkana , an initiative by Ms. Kanwal Narula, who decided to bring on a new revolutionary idea in the world of décor and lifestyle.


IMG_2543 - CopyThe Master Mind Behind Falana Dhimkana

The creative bug had bitten hard Ms. Kanwal Narula at a very young age. Therein she started displaying her creativity and final she has given a firm outlet to this creative talent of hers through Falana Dhimkana. Falana Dhimkana speaks of fine lifestyle and décor items that have been remodelled with unused or disposed ingredients. The name that interprets sudden shots of randomness will never fail to amaze you with the perfect visual appeal and finishing touch.



Who would have thought an old pair of torn jeans can give birth to a cute jewellery hanger?

jeweller hanger

Or the bits and strands of embroidery threads or dhagas can be metamorphosed into appealing frames perfectly suited for your bedroom décor.

IMG_2542 - Copy

Such brilliant ideas can only bloom from the mind of a genius and no wonder Kanwal is surely one of the youngest creative geniuses we have come across.

IMG_2544 - Copy

Who says C.A.s share only mechanical knowledge? Kanwal being a Chartered accountant professional has established tha a C.A’s mind too is full of creative streaks.

BUZZARIA: The Perfect Platform For the Unique Brand

Buzzaria by Ms. Mamta Gupta had already been a platform for man talented newbies to showcase their expertise. And this time it extended its ground to Falana Dhimkana. No wonder the platform that had brought Chumbak to the National Capital has been the secret reason of success for many ingenious minds across the world.


Up-cycled and re-purposed ingredients can be so much fun if utilized properly with the blend of creativity and innovation. The best part of it was definitely that these are all hand-made.


Kudos to you Buzzaria for making us witness the oozing creativity of another inventive brand like Falana Dhimkana.



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