The Addams House, A Gastronomical Kitchen and Brewery: A Foodie Paradise With A Quirky Dash

‘The Addams House, a Gastronomical Kitchen & Brewery’ , the brainchild of Karan Parvesh SIngh, Bhanu Pratap Chahal and Sandeep Nehra, the owner and co-founders of this unconventional food joint is surely going to redefine your gastronomic goals with the perfect pinch of taste and the dash of unconventionality.

The Addam's House


Gurugram or Gurgaon is recently being flooded with some coolest food joints and each of them has a unique theme to explore. The Addams House, A Gastronomical Kitchen & Brewery, located in the food-joint hub of Gurugram is another great food hub that you cannot afford to miss out when your taste buds are in search of good food in the company of an extraordinary theme. Well, those of you who have been familiar of the popular cartoon show ‘Addam’s Family’ must already have realized that Addams House is a foodie version of the popular cartoon.


And for those who is still unaware of the original cartoon, let me introduce you to this popular American show. Addam’s Family had everything twisted and out-of-the-box. From a clock hung up the ceiling to a completely peculiar way of dining, everything was indeed erratic in the family. If you are thinking how The Addams House, A Gastronomical Kitchen & Brewery connects to this theme, there are a couple of reasons for the same. As you move into into the restaurant you would be spellbound by its ambience. With the touch of classy décor and a sharp loyalty to the theme of the cartoon, this place has managed to bag the perfect blend of the natural with the unconventional.


Décor and Ambiance

The wall décor is manifested with snapshots from The Addams Family. The wall art almost takes you right back to the days of The Addams House with its walls dedicated to a picture of the entire family, individual frames of each member as well as a wall painting of the real Addam’s House.


Even you have the ceiling clock as well as the popular shark statue reminiscent of the one that used to live in the pool near Addam’s House.

ambianceA dimly-lit ambiance with a treasure to explore: A three storied food joint with a reading shelf, bursting with thematic creativity and gushes of sumptuous food and drinks, What more can you ask for?


Apart from all the elements of the popular family show, you have a royal bar to pamper your boozing sessions as well as a live DJ station to give you some serious music goals.


Just like its theme, even unconventionality runs riot throughout the menu. A glance at it and you realize it’s the creation of a genius mind. Since the beginning you are welcomed for an “Inverted Feast” and You often don’t come across a menu that has spooky cartoons all over saying “Let Me Chant  Sweet Nothing Into Your Ear” or a cartoon waiter taking order as “Will it be the Unuual Sir?”




Coming to food, to begin with you have a plethora of items as to choose from both in the Cocktail and Mocktail list.

You should definitely try a hand at:

Bhoot: Eerie by name and strong by taste, Bhoot is one of the reasons for your cocktail craves.


Ghost Buster: Another Addam’s Special that deserves a must shot for its quirky blend of green apple and the cinnamon essence.

red velvet and Cheesecake shakes

The Red Velvet Shake as well as The Cheesecake shakes are indeed great delights to opt for too.

Now let’s begin the gastronomic delights with the out-of-the-box appetizers.

You may order the Rajma Chawal balls or The Meri Waali Maggi. Well what arrives on your table is completely a revamped version of Rajma Chawal as well as Maggi.

You have crispy, snacky balls with Rajma Chawal stuffing


And then the super crispy balls stuffed with chicken maggi.

meri waali maggi

It goes unsaid that The Addams House,  AGastronomical Kitchen & Brewery has mastered all the skills to blend the conventional with the unconventional.

Sushis are a must. The super-fresh aromas of the steaming Sushis makes you crave for more and more.


If you are a fish-freak just like me, you should also give a try to The Grilled Fish Fillets , Fish marinated in the goodness of Kasundi that come with grilled vegetables   some scoops of lemon pepper khichdi rice.

fish fillets...

And then you just cannot miss a bite from the Chef’s special. I strongly recommend Meat Fruit, a fruiat crust and as you operate your fork on it, come out the super tempting soft fresh meat. Hats off to the ideas!

mea frui

But don’t forget the Chicken Golgappas! Steaming hot with shots of foam green chutney pushed in, I believe you will love the show as well as the tastes.


The Addams House, A Gastronomical Kitchen & Brewery carries quite an elaborate menu and we believe every dish on the menu is as tasty as the tasted ones. In fact every item is accompanied by a dash of surprise making you recall the unconventional on goings in The Addam’s Family.



This Vampire House kind of a setting also has some of the best desserts in its pocket to offer. Try the Chocolate Hazelnut Royal crackle, a dessert enriched with the beauty of Rich Chololate Hazelnut mousse, layered with delicious almond crackle and topped with tempting chocolate cream, and you are sure to forget those stringent diet plans.

chocolate cake

Believe me, the spooky names and the tempting ingredients of the dishes are surely going to multiply your hunger pangs.

The super courteous staff with their amicable smiles, the lovely garnishing styles and the spooky setting of the place is surely going to assure your visits to The Addam’s House on a repeat mode.


When good food and great brains meet, the output is indeed a genius like The Addams House, a Gastronomical Kitchen & Brewery .



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