Calorie Care Dabba, Inspired by Mumbai Dabbawallas: Dabbas Redefining The Food Culture in Delhi

What’s the Concept?

Calorie Care Dabba : A name that immediately makes you imagine a dabba full of healthy food with conscious care over your calorie charts. While Mumbai has been popularizing the Dabbawalla concept for long, it’s now time for Delhi to bag the same concept with the hands of the young foodie enthusiast Upasana Singh. As the name says, this venture brings to Delhi the Dabba concept wherein you can savour the most delicious dishes without increasing your calorie charts.


Dabbas Brimming With Innovative Features

A Well, Calorie Care Dabba has in its share a bag of unique specialties. This is no usual health Dabba where you will find only boiled or grilled vegetables. You can have everything as per your Indian taste buds beginning from the sumptuous Dum Biryani to the exceptional Tandoors down the oven. If you are thinking how these dishes can take care of your calories, the ingredients used to make the food are super healthy. Without any compromise on taste, Calorie Care Dabba brings you supremely healthy food.


calorie care....

What’s in the Name?

When you hear of the name Dabba, you usually would consider it as a simply parcel services. But Calorie Care Dabba never ceases to amaze us. It is not only restricted to container deliveries but also has a seating out space where the visitors can relish the weather and the delicacies simultaneously. Long way to go Miss Upasana! Such incredible ideas are definitely going to take Calorie Care Dabba a long way.

Why Calorie Care Dabba?

Inspired by The Mumbai Dabbawallas this venture has its goals clear. While in today’s busy regimes we often tend to miss out our breakfast or lunch only because of the lack of time, a handy dabba stuffed with your desired cravings will never let you miss your lunch, breakfast or even dinner. With a delivery service extended to a radius of 5 kms by this Saket based food joint, you no longer need to worry about your lunch boxes or breakfast packages. Unlike other food joints, Calorie Care Dabba starts its operations as early as 7 a.m. and continues till 11 a.m.

calorie care

Calorie Care Dabba Menu: A Potpourri of Delicacies

The Calorie Care Dabba has quite a spacious kitchen and all the dishes coming from its oven are undoubtedly super delicious. It will assure that you never run out of variety and has a wide range of Indian assortments. Chicken, Mutton or Paneer, Veg or Non-Veg Biriyani, butter rotis and parathas everything is on the platter of Caloprie Care Dabba.


Nobody can be in two minds regarding the tastes of the food. You should definitely try a hand at

The Dum Biryani, Shahi Paneer, Chicken Curry everything was lip-smacking indeed.



Miss Upasana Singh has also taken care of the prices. The food is quite pocket-friendly and indeed affordable by everyone from a college student to an office-goer.


Delicious food with a punch of health, pocket-friendly prices and superb innovative ideas. What More do you need to fulfill your hunger pangs?



Pay a visit to Calorie Care Dabba today at 1513, Gumanpuri Complex, Bhishma Pitamaha Marg, South Ext 2.


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