How Can you Have the Perfect Monsoon Wedding: Expert Tips From WedWise

Monsoon Weddings are fun, the fragrant wet earth, the impromptu rain dances and the perfect ambiance for feeling the love in the air. Not only that, your favorite venues are readily available and these too, at prices lesser than usual. It is indeed double whammy for the to-be-weds, their family, the friends and basically everyone who is a part of such a wedding.


So here is WedWise doing what it does the best, sharing the insights that go into making that perfect, rocking, monsoon wedding.

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Do’s and Don’ts

From the Wear-House


For The Bride


If you’re a bride-to-be and are reading this article, you’re very special and of course, the centre of attention during a wedding (be it a Monsoon one or not). Hence, first & foremost, make sure your wedding dress, lehnga or outfit is not a hydrophilic one. Now, we’re not suggesting that you wear a raincoat to your wedding, but, wearing Lehngas made of Raw Silks rather than fabrics like Velvet (which tend to retain more water) would be an amazing idea if you want to stay comfortable at your monsoon wedding.

ravishing bride(Pic-

Also in Trend: Floral Printed Lehnga. A one like this would go really well with the monsoon theme and also, it’ll add a dimension to your level. Picture- Instagram- @manishmalhotra05

For The Groom

Tuxedos and Suits can be kept aside for a monsoon wedding. We’d highly recommend you to go for a simple cotton shirt topped with a Bandh-Gala. Not only would this combination help you attain that dapper, classy look and at the same time, providing respite from the humidity. We like to call this one a very Indianized, Cool and Classy Groom Attire.

Rocking groom

Pic- RN Photography

Face-time Madness

For the Bride


Make up is another thing that’ll require some special attention if you’re having that monsoon wedding. A lot of emulsion/cream based products on your face would be an invitation for the humidity to trouble your face. Hence, it is always recommended that you instruct your make up artist to use the lightest and preferably organic products.

For the Groom


Make Up tips for the groom? Well, this may sound insane but hey, it is not like only the women are allowed to apply products on their face. It is equally essential for the Man of the show to follow some skin care tips especially in the super humid rainy season.


  • Use a refreshing mint based face wash.
  • Avoid moisturizing creams.
  • Make sure that you use the highest quality beard grooming products.

 Head Over Heels? Literally So


Pic Courtesy : Ulysses Photography

For the Bride

As far as the Bridal footwear is concerned, make sure that you bid a farewell to those highly polished and smooth soles. Such types tend to be very slippery, especially with the possibility of rain water on the floor, you must wear footwear with enough friction on the soles. If you really want to wear heels, go for the slabs rather than the pencils. Otherwise, nice floral flats and sandals are going to be your greatest allies for a monsoon wedding. Having a beach monsoon wedding? How about you chuck the sole altogether and add some bling to your feet with these innovative barefoot sandals.


For the Groom

A Groom should definitely chuck leather shoes for a monsoon wedding. First of all, leather is easily defiled in water and hence, if a groom is looking for some dapperness, it wouldn’t be the right kind of weather to pull that one off. Hence, the Jutti would be a better bet for the Groom’s footwear.

The Decor Blues



Now since you’d probably be saving some money from the venue bookings, you might as well use this to host a comfortable monsoon wedding party for the guests. Needless to say, it would awesome for your guests if you instruct the wedding designer to incorporate a lot of designer umbrellas and water proofing for the food stalls.

Also, there are some food items, that are synonymous with the monsoon season, which absolutely need to find place inside the food stalls at your monsoon wedding menu.

There is no harm in taking some inspiration from a typical Western Monsoon Wedding as well. Therefore, presence of a Marquee at the venue would indeed add a lot to the charm of your own monsoon wedding. Also, this is the season to enjoy the weather thoroughly, hence, don’t go for a venue that is totally covered. Use a mix of outdoors and sheds so that the guests can enjoy the rains as well as the food. Another great way to create a balance between indoors and outdoors is to create a glass set-up, so that your guests can get the best of both worlds.

Expert Inputs By:

Ginny Kohli

Ginny Kohli

Founder & CEO



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