‘India On My Plate’ A Journey to the Kitchens of India with Fortune Select Excalibur

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“Indian Food is like classical Musical Raga-it takes time to build up to a crescendo”- Shobha De

Shobha De’s words truly mirror the essence of Indian delicacies. Well, India has always been known for its diverse cuisines. From the Chettinad of the South to the Rajma Chawal of North, every culinary art of India is irresistible enough to welcome your gastronomic journeys. And what if all the extraordinary delicacies of this versatile nation appear on the same plate? Well, thanks to the Fortune Select Excalibur’s innovative hands made Delhi NCR achieve its best tastes of the authentic Indian cuisines.


Sharing a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, Fortune Select Excalibur reached out to its visitors a complete picture of India. Capturing in its ambience the art of Kathakali, the soulful reindition of the classical Ragas, every corner of the property voiced out a love and affinity for the nation.The décor that bore every touch of the nation’s tradition with sepia toned paintings transports you back to the days of the traditional royalty. It is indeed undeniable that the creators have taken note of every culture that India prides on and tried to weave them in the ambience. A pool side view and an extravagant open bar add to the delights of the Indian Bhoj.  The background score of a famous Gharana offered traditional entertainment aura of the Indian flavour.



13720633_938413242934405_1631171063_oThe Culinary Venture

India on My Plate justified its thematic relevance not only in the ambience but also to the delicacies served. In fact the menu embraced all exquisite tokens of ‘Uttar, Dakshin, Purba, Paschim’ that suits the appetite of any foodie who shares a soft corner for the Indian kitchen. The gastronomic venture starting with the Welcome Drink Neer Mor and the Ulte Tawe ka Khakra was a prelude to an array of extravagant delights coming soon on the platter.


Fortune Select Excalibur not only tried to implement the tastes of India on your luncheon or dinner plates but also devoted an extra eye of carefulness to the mode of cooking. Every delicacy on the menu had been offered its authenticity by staying loyal to the mode of cooking. Clay ovens, tandoors and barbeque grills had been instrumental in delivering on your plate the true tastes of Hamara Bharat.


Since India on A Plate had been introduced to integrate all the special cuisines crisscrossing the nation on a single plate, it goes unsaid that the menu was exhausting. Beginning from the genuine Chhese Dosai of the South to the Ram Ladoo of North, every vegan had the perfect chance to satiate their appetites.

For the non-veggies, the sheer delight is equally awesome. The lip-smacking beauties of the Awadhi’s Galouti Kebab or the Goan Machchi Konkani or the Mayapuri Burrah are pleasures that can give your diet charts new food goals.


Both for the Veggies as well as the Non-vegetarians, Fortune Select Excalibur has curated quite a handsome list of starters voicing out the Indian traditional tastes without a compromise.

Main course

India on My Plate never ceased to please us with its long chain of items in the main course too. When you talk of India, the Gosht Awadh Biryani and the Hyderabadi Salam is a must and yes Fortune Select Excalibur didn’t disappoint us in this regard too. Chicken Chettinad from the South’s Kitchen or the Purani Dilli Mutton Curry from the North can spice up your monsoon or winters in an amazingly delicious manner.

Macchi Tikka


An Indian meal remains incomplete without a touch of dessert and thanks to the “India on My Plate” theme that looked after all the essential intricacies with their long Mithai section. Be it the Kacha Gola or the Gul-E-Jamun, the delecatable divine delights had in every way delivered justice to the tastes.

Amritsari Badam Kheer (1)


A special word should definitely be accredited to the hospitality. Hot food served with extreme care and cordiality made the gastronomic journey indeed a memorable one.

13663426_938413546267708_2067712298_o (1)

Fortune Select Excalibur, a member of the colossal family of ITC has proved that quality and innovation go hand in hand with brand. With the new theme in its Display Kitchen, now you have one more reason to be a part of this premium outlet.

Enjoy the “India on My Plate” to relive the tastes of the versatile Indian cuisines.

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