UNICEF and Priyanka Chopra Give Children A Reason to Smile with A #Fair Start

UNICEF and Priyanka Chopra Give Children A Reason to Smile with A #Fair Start

Small drops of water often make an ocean and to make every drop count you need a fair start. UNICEF, an organisation always known for bringing smiles to the society through their series of programs, this time engaged itself in starting ‘# Fair Start’ film as a part of its social media Campaign that would be focused to bring equity among all children in the country. A noble mission and an innovative campaign like this made Delhi proud once again on the 5th of July, 2016.



In order to make the campaign attain a stronger identity and a wider outreach, the event called for the presence of almost 100 adolescents from the different top ranked schools in Delhi and Haryana. Apart from the attendance of these young minds, the event also had almost 80 media personnel covering the event. The grand Fair Start Film Campaign witnessed the memorable presence of the UNICEF celebrity ambassador, Ms. Priyanka Chopra and Mr. Louis Georges Arsenault, who is the representative figure of UNICEF in India.


An Opportunity to Blossom

In a country like India, where every second child from the unprivileged or the underprivileged sectors is a victim of issues like malnutrition, child labour, early fertility, early marriage, stunted growth and a trimmed existence, the #Fair Start film campaign was a much needed initiative in the nation. The glorious campaign could not witness a better initiative than the children themselves being part of the entire initiative. Children from different schools who came to be a part of this social initiative were indeed lucky to exchange their views with the veteran representative of UNICEF and Ms. Priyanka Chopra about this enlightening agenda.DSC_7115

UNICEF’s ideas and agendas have always inspired the common as well as the intellectual crowd to think and rethink about the society. With a motto to create a better social picture for the children to live in, the #Fair Start film Campaign will indeed be an influential footstep. To welcome a radical change so that every child can enjoy Fair Start in life with a perfectly new beginning, UNICEF along with their brand ambassador has been immensely instrumental.

Social Connoisseurs has always been keen to reflect the best shades of the society and this endeavour of UNICEF could not be missed from their list. Kudos to You for such an inspiring initiative! Team Social Connoisseurs was indeed lucky to witness the pride moments of a truly stimulating #Fair Start.



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