What A Comic Show: A Gastronomic Rendezvous with Your Favourite Comic Figures

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What A Comic Show: A Gastronomic Rendezvous with Your Favourite Comic Figures

If you are a comic buff who simply cannot get over from the hangovers of childhood comic nostalgia, then SDA Delhi has the perfect destination for you to hit on. When the comic love runs in your veins and great food gets on your nerves, What A Comic Show, located in SDA Delhi can gift the absolute kick to your taste buds with their vivid platters of taste and versatility of items. So get ready to unravel a sumptuous gastronomic journey in the company of the best of comics.

What A Comic Show


As you step into this exceptional joint you are transported back to your memory lane where comics were the perfect companies to bring on a break of monotony. The setting and décor both go hand in hand with the comic theme and every item on the shelf or the glass pane breathes in the comic flavours. While theme restaurants is the trend of  the season, this one stands out to be exclusive in its genre with an impeccable comics-based scenario to boast for.


In the present days where mobile buzz and laptop scrolls feed your hangout craves, this restaurant has a completely new idea to look forward to. A comic library that holds the presence of popular comic figures, national as well as international, Chacha Chaudhuri to Batman, every niche of your comic appetites are catered to with the best variety of tastes.

coffee mugsThe days of your comic nostalgia are bound to come back as you hit into this innovatively planned cool food joint. Your phone and social media news feeds fade into the background while you have the board games and comic books grabbing all your attention.

Comics libraries

It’s an amazing fact that the menu too has been designed with the comic touch. From the appearance to the items everything flaunted a comic presence.

Themed Menu Cards


Food: A Sumptuous Treat For Your Taste Buds

Coming to food, the list is ceaseless. Celebrating a wide and versatile menu of American and continental as well as some traces of the Tibetan cuisine, it is indeed a difficult decision which dish to bet for.

Jumbo DumplingsWhen it comes to tastes, it is another factor to appreciate of. With an elaborate presence of quantity that justifies the price, the tastes give a feel of the authenticity of every dish. The dumplings and the platter just stole our heart and we are all geared up to pay a visit to this comic and gastronomic hub very soon.

Chicken Lover Burger

Apart from the ambience and the culinary varieties, this comic station also has another feature to offer in its basket. Conducting open mike sessions almost every weekend, it also engages itself in celebrating different occasions like the Valentine’s Day or the Independence Day and also the Halloween. Its American nature of cuisine does not delimit itself from engaging Indian festivals like Holi where everyone follows a certain attire code and engage themselves in complete fun with holi special dishes and drinks pouring out from the restaurant’s kitchen.


The Figures Behind This Cool and Quirky Joint

Such innovative ideas can only come from enthusiasts who have woven their passion with profession and two such people were Bhopen Chingtham and Pooja Moriangthem. This young couple with their deep love for comics decided to create a platform that would welcome all shades of comics along with the best of delicacies. In fact Pooja calls this food station her ‘second child’ which proves her dedication and love for it. With their personal ideas and hands on the décor to the food items, the restaurant has a great colourful setting with ample cushions, comic book shelves and every other ingredient to spice up your boring luncheon or dinner sessions.


So get ready to charge up your hang out with your friends or families in this cool and innovative space in the company of this brilliant hub.

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