Puratos Customer Innovation Day in New Delhi: Know the Hands Behind Those Unbeatable Tastes of Your Cakes and Breads

Puratos Customer Innovation Day in New Delhi: Know the Hands Behind Those Unbeatable Tastes of Your Cakes and Breads

The name of Puratos is not an unfamiliar nomenclature in the genre of food industries. Their innovations that have outreached the bakeries, patisserie as well as the chocolatiers industries have gave birth to revolutionary products, thus providing the customer sheer joys of great, unadulterated taste. And 28th June, Delhi witnessed another addition to the list with its vivid range of products demonstration for the master chefs at bakeries and patisserie outlets. The Customer Innovation Day undoubtedly established a range of innovative products which ensured baking would now not only be delicious but also health-friendly.



The Customer Innovation day saw the presence of different figures mainly from the bakery, patisserie and the chocolatier industry. Apart from professional bakers and bakery owners, home bakers were also present. To cover this entire event media personnel in the form of different food bloggers equally flaunted their appearance.


The Puratos Range of Innovative Products

Puratos had always been a renowned name for the delivery of quality products and this time in its innovation bucket it contained a series of products to explore for.

O-Tentic Durum: An innovation Breathed Into the Food Industry

To make your breads and patisseries attain the peak of taste and shelf life, this dough base works as a miracle. Apart from delivering the crispy taste, it is also known for making the baking modus operandi a quick and baker-friendly process.


Satin Cake Mixes: Dessets Delivered the Edge of Perfection

Innovation at Puratos has always been an ongoing process. And the Satin cake mixes are true testimonies to the fact. With their authentic tastes and easy ready to mix purposes, they know exactly how to mash up your dessert bites. Vanilla, Orange Velvet, Masala Tea Premixes are some of the children of these innovative journeys.



Event Proceedings

The grand gastronomy journey sparked off with live demonstration classes from several culinary connoisseurs.

Chef Martin

This chef is indeed a master in his genre. With the use of the O-Tentic Durum, he reached out to us several delicacies. His explanations and demonstrations went hand in hand and indeed were eye openers for several bakery managers or newbies involved in the art of baking.


Chef Vidhu

Another connoisseur from the Puratos family led the crowd to follow the pattern of ‘Play with The Batter” and the output was some super delicious, rich chocolatey cakes coming out from the oven.


Break Session

After those sumptuous live demonstration sessions, it was essential to give a chance to the taste buds and thus a break was followed after. The break was attended by all participants who collaborated in the tasting session of the freshly baked cakes and breads.


Needless to say, we were taken aback by the versatility of desserts and the exceptionally delicious tastes.

Statistics and an Overview Consumer Report

Apart from the entire proceedings of the program, Ms. Samata the marketing head of Puratos also enlightened us about the several requirements of the tastes of different countries as well as our nation. Her presentation also addressed about the different demands of the Indian tastes and how Puratos has been consciously delivering to each and every criteria.

tasting session

A Speech by a Satisfied Puratos User

The session almost reached its conclusion with a speech delivered by Mr. Virender Arora, who was the key speaker of the session. He narrated his experiences with Puratos and how elated he is to be a part of this prestigious family of users.


Last but not the least, the gastronomic event witnessed its conclusion with a noble video where Puratos’ initiatives at uplifting the society was emphasised. In Mumbai Puratos has opened its bakery school where underprivileged children are imparted training sessions in the niches of bakery and patisseries. These children are consequently placed in different Puratos branches after the completion period of the training.


So, 28th May unrolled itself to be a great day in the company of this revolutionary Belgium based organisation. To give your products the touch of magic all you need is the presence of taste from the bakery, patisserie and chocolate connoisseurs Puratos.


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