Five Best Themed Restaurants of Kolkata

Five Best Themed Restaurants of Kolkata

Being a foodie often lets you explore the various shades and intricacies of the food joints. And if you are in a city like Kolkata, where food rule the hearts of all the foodies, it’s important to take a look at these themed restaurants which celebrate the foodgasm journey with a touch of thematic background. So step into your foodie shoes and let’s start the venture.

Pamper the Wilderness in You at Machaan

Are you a wildlife admirer who loves characters like Tarzan and Mowgli and Dooars and Jim Corbett excite you the core? Let’s then take you to this awesome setting of Machaan. With a jungle setting as the background, this food joint caters to your adventurous appetites befittingly.


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Savouring a north Indian cuisine amidst a dense and dark jungle setting can really be exciting.


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The food joint is located at Mani Square Mall as well as Avani Riverside Mall.


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A Rendezvous with Royalty: Oudh 1950

When heritage sites attract you and tradition and royalty form your tastes, Oudh 1590 can be the best destination. This food joint has recently attracted many visitors with their royal setting, traditional ambience and exceptionally delicious food. The royal embellishments and the heritage furniture transports you back to the times of the ancient rulers. With Thumri as the background score, you can enjoy every essence of the royal setting. Chandeliers, wooden wall frames contribute to the architectural essence.

oudh 1590

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The Mutton Galawati Kebab and the Moti Biryani are the perfect platters to steal your heart.

moti Biryani

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This food joint is set in Salt Lake and Deshapriyo Park.

oudh 1590..

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Call of the Sea at The Pirate’s Deck

Does Pirates of the Carribean top the list of your favourites and a sight of the sea catalyse your excitement levels? It’s time to visit The Pirate’s Deck dear friends. This restaurant has everything to offer you the perfect feel of the sea. With everything that you can notice on a pirate’s deck is present in the setting of the joint that establishes how successful it is to live up to its name.

pirates deck

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Paasta, garlic bread and the list is endless when it comes to The Pirate’s Deck. Don’t forget to take a puff at the Hookah lounge enjoying a great music video or sports live screening on the wide screen space.

pirate's deck

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Located at Paddapukur, this is one of the most extraordinary themed restaurants of the city.

pirate's deck...

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Get Imprisoned with the Sumptuous Delicacies at Kaidi Kitchen

Well if all prisons boasted of such comfort and luxury food, then it would indeed be a pleasure to participate in them. Sheltering in its ambiance the presence of individual prison cells where delicacies are served in the best of manner, this North Indian restaurant has been winning the hearts of its visitors.

kaidi kitchen

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Litti Chokha and Veg Pulao are two of the best savouries on the platter that you can pamper your tastes with. Apart from that you have the super sumptuous veg sizzlers that can amp up your prison stay.

food at kaidi kitchen

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Situated at Camac Street and Mani Square Mall, don’t forget to hop into this themed restaurant once in your gastronomic journeys.

kaidi kitchen cell

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An Encounter with Tollywood Silver Screen

If you are a fan of the famous Bengali duo Uttam and Suchitra and just cannot break your ties with their nostalgia, let’s take you to this economic and Tollywood friendly restaurant in Kolkata. The setting breathes in an ambiance of the days of black and white Bengali  and Hindi cinema through the various snapshots.

silver screen

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From North Indian to Chinese, everything forms a part of their platter.


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Located near Tollygunge Metro Station, don’t forget to take a tour to this restaurant.

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