Launch of Eduardo’s Milonga De Mis Amores Tango in The Capital City: A Classy Evening to Remember

Launch of Eduardo’s Milonga De Mis Amores Tango in The Capital City: A Classy Evening to Remember

When you are a dance connoisseur and love to explore the various niches, Tango should be a must in your dance platter. The grooves and moves that this authentic form of partner dance offers is indeed a Pandora’s Box to explore. Since 1880s, Tango has been conquering the hearts of all passionate dance lovers and thanks to the experts Kiran Bajaj Sawhney and Eduardo who helped Delhi to bag its own Tango dance platform. The event saw a grand opening on Friday, the 1st of July in one of the five star properties of Delhi, Eros Hotel. An innovation to the concept was it was not only a Tango dance evening but more of a Milonga, precisely known as the Tango social where several personnel engaged themselves in some of the classiest moves of Tango.



Set in one of the poshest five star properties of the City, Eros Hotel’s The Lounge Bar, the location was a perfect background to learn the swanky moves of Tango.



The evening witnessed the presence of expats, ambassadors, Tango experts and young bloggers. IMG_2489Everyone of them extended a step to take a try at the beautiful art of Tango.

The Gala Event Proceedings

The event was exclusive of its genre as the Capital City had never witnessed before a Milonga. Hosted by the beautiful and gorgeous Kiran Bajaj Sawhney, the Tango queen along with Eduardo, the Tango connoisseur, the event was loaded with all expert moves coming from the Tango maestros. The evening sparked off with some enriching introductory sessions in Tango where both Kiran and Eduardo swung their feet to offer the viewers an authentic sight of this Argentinian origin dance. It was a free class for the invitees where everyone could step ahead to make an attempt in the Tango niche. With all its therapeutic feel and relaxing essence, every visitor in the evening could not stop themselves from engaging into this irresistible form of art.

Delhi milonga..

The best part was that the mentors, Miss. Kiran and Mr. Eduardo had been excessively polite and patient to the aspirants and no wonder within sometime even the amateurs could dance like pros. Hats off their teaching skills, I must say.

The real excitement started rolling on when the Milonga began. Milonga to be more precise is a Tango social, where the partner dancers engage themselves in swift moves to the Tango music. Filled with bloggers, foreign delegates and other aristocratic visitors, the Milonga offered some real moments of exciting passion. The Tangueros had offered their expert hands of assistance to the dancers and what unrolled were sheer moments of blissful Tango moves.

The dance floor was open to everyone where eminent Tangueros like Irina, Samata, Clara, Sergio had welcomed the other dancers to pick up some swift moves of Tango. Clara, who had her birthday the day before, also cut a cake with a Tango birthday dance followed after.
The most interesting part of the event was definitely how the non-professional dancers were also moulded to pick up the Tango moves within a short span. This establishes the skill of the Tango teachers.


With a series of drinks and food options, the event witnessed a sheer success.
A special note of thanks to Ms. Kiran Sawhney whose warmth and hospitality made us feel at home in the grand Milonga.


Meet The Figures Behind This Grand Event

It is essential to brief a bit about the central figures who were involved in the inauguration of this gala evening. Kiran Bajaj Sawhney, who is the foundress of Delhi’s only Tango School NDTS and Mr. Eduardo Matinez Curiel who is a Tango connoisseur were the pivotal figures involved in bringing about this evening to be a grand success. Mr. Eduardo who is the Minister at The Embassy of Mexico has been engaged in dance since 12 years and is equally responsible as Ms. Kiran in teaching the students of New Delhi Tango School the professional moves of Tango.

Coming to Ms. Kiran she had been involved in dancing as early as six and holds a mastery over almost all popular genres of dance. Her expertise is not only confined to Tango but is spread to niches like Odissi, Bollywood as well as Bharatnatyam and the list goes endless. Kiran’s keen interest in Tango has made her travel all over the world and thanks to her skills that made Delhi witness its first and exclusive Tango school. She also has to her credits inordinate collection of Tango dresses and shoes that she exports with her brand name Mis Amores.

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney

Team Social Connoisseurs wishes them all the luck for this new venture at this swanky location of the capital city.

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