Body N Mind Cafe: Kolkata’s Only Super Economic Cafe with Live Yoga & Zumba Classes and a Beach Theme

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Body N Mind Cafe: Kolkata’s Only Cafe with Live Yoga & Zumba Classes and A Beach Theme

Have you come across a cafe in Kolkata that shares a Zumba class a Yoga class and open mike poetry sessions conducted? Have you tasted baked samosas with the perfect edge of taste within a super pocket-friendly price of 10 INR? Have you come across a beach themed cafe in the super busy Salt Lake Of Kolkata. Welcome to Body and Mind Cafe situated in Salt Lake of Kolkata.

DSC01312When you hear of a café the first thing that strikes you is the presence of great food. But what if you experience a café with a great setting a yoga class, Zumba class and fitness sessions all right at the same place? Well, what more do you need then. Meet one such café in the industrial sphere of Kolkata.


The Body N Mind Cafe

The ‘Body N Mind café’ is situated in one of the calm lanes of the maze called Salt Lake. The café allows you to be in a serene mind set throughout the day as they offer yoga and Zumba classes along with workout sessions in their gym equipped with a number of modern paraphernalia.


The Body N Mind Cafe


The ambience of the café is eye-catching, with all the furniture and lights from Thailand adding up to the glamour quotient.


The Body N Mind Cafe

The nucleus of the café’s popularity rests on its emphasis on healthy food. Along with the extracurricular activities, the café also offers oil-free healthy snacks, main course, desserts and some mix and match fruit salads which you can weigh and pay. Just think a live session of measuring your calorie counts and munching food. If you are a fitness freak and hence very cautious about your health, you should drop in here and taste the flavours while enjoying the pro-health environment.


The Body N Mind Cafe

The café also offers its customers poetry recitals and “draw and hang your art” opportunities on their walls. The underlining force of this café’s motto is absolutely oil free food.


Samosas baking in The Body N Mind Cafe

The main course offers an astonishing “oil-free biriyani”. Yes, you read it right the first time an “oil free Biriyani”! It is a one-stop destination for the fitness enthusiasts. Adding to the experience is the spa and the clinic. You can relax in the spa after a strenuous training session at the gym or after a yoga session.


Oil free paranthas and sabzi in The Body N Mind Cafe

According to Mrs. Chatterjee, a doctor and one of the four directors of the café, they have kept the health of the individuals in mind while deciding the menu and the recipes for the joint. They replaced cream with yogurt, sugar with honey or balsamic vinegar in a few occasions.

DSC01339 (1)

Sabzi Cooking in The Body N Mind Cafe

The food is as fresh as it can be as they are prepared as per the order of the customers; nothing in their kitchen is stale or pre-prepared. The only turn off is that it takes about half an hour to serve the ordered dishes. But then you got to give some time for something that is really good and healthy. It is a must go for everyone in today’s world.

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