Fawad Khan Cheers Up His Fans with His Benign Presence at Meet The Giovani Man

Fawad Khan Cheers Up His Fans with His Benign Presence at Meet The Giovani Man

When the Delhi heat had been scorching your days, to raise the mercury, we had the presence of Fawad Khan. The Khoobsurat and Kapoor & Sons reputed hero being the brand ambassador of Giovani met up to exchange greetings with his fans, bloggers and social media patrons who were also Giovani loyalists. The event took place on the 28th of May and though it’s been almost a month, the crazy experiences that the fans of Fawad Khan encountered are unforgettable.


The main purpose of this event was to reach out to his fans through an exclusively candid session and perfect justice had been delivered to the motto. Many contests were run across various windows of the social media and the fans were asked to upload photographs for the same. Instagram and Fb were flooding with photographs and emotions captured through the lenses of the different fans. Another significant part of this contest was the DubSmash content where people had to upload videos containing Fawad’s dialogues. Hilarious! Isn’t it?


The afternoon saw the presence of several Giovani loyalists and bloggers who had come over to share a special moment with their most admired man. The Dubsmash contest owners were gifted with prizes from Fawad’s hands as well as The Instagram and Facebook winners were also complemented with selfie sessions with the star.


The most interesting part of the event was Fawad’s interactive sessions with the bloggers and other media figures. He was quite frank and humble to accept compliments. Moreover when Fawad was complimented for his looks, he was gentle enough to accept that he always wears things that are in fashion. Well, witnessing such a candid mood of Fawad never made us feel that he is one of the most crazed for actors in the realm of Bollywood.


The Meet the Giovani Man event ended with a special gesture by GFawad Khan taking a dance step with one of his fans.

Kudos to this hottest actor in Bollywood for cheering up a sultry Delhi after noon with his beseeched presence.


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