A Cafe Dedicated To Desserts and Many More: Delicate Delights

Delicate Delights Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato A Cafe Dedicated To Desserts and Many More: Delicate Delights

Desserts have always been the secret fantasies of every man and woman. Whether you are a teenager or a person in your thirties or even in your sixties, cravings for desserts know no age barriers. While out on one of my blogging journeys I dropped into this café of Faridabad. Delicate Delights as its name says, is one of the perfect joints to savour your appetites for desserts. With their variety and quality, I believe they will steal your heart away.

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This food joint in Faridabad may not be too much on space, but it has surely diversity in the tastes. It has a great hang out ambience suitable for small snacking sessions with friends and families. It also has a television to entertain its guests.

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13588939_10206612131997182_176607234_o (1)Meet Lavansh Batra, the man behind the superb array of desserts. He is the owner of this beautiful café situated in the heart of Sector 14 of Faridabad. When inquired about his muse that inspired him to proceed with this venture, Lavansh said it was his passion for baking. This young guy had followed his passion bites and with his efforts and strong determination, he is there now serving platters of smiles to all his customers.

lavansh batra


The best part of this café it is open to almost all kinds of food other than desserts. From burgers to fries to wraps and what not, this café has everything in their menu kit. However what attracted us the most is that the owner himself is the person involved in the cooking process. Everything that comes to the guests’ table is a perfect blend of tastes and fresh quality.

So while you are hunting for a KFC or a McDonald outlet to fulfil your burger cravings, you can always go for this café joint to serve your hunger pangs.

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Desserts: The Master Speciality

However the icing on the cake is definitely the platter of desserts. Lavansh being a baker himself is well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to bring the best of cakes. The Red Velvet Cake, the Rainbow Cake or the Cup Cakes are all divine beauties which would surely cater to your sweet tooth munching sessions.


Some of the innovations that this young baker has introduced is the Choco Lava Cake with Icecream, Banoffee Pie, Oreo Brownie, Blueberry Cheesecake and the list goes endless.


So Faridabad residents now you all know which shop to visit for when you need desserts of premium quality and diversity.


And Kudos to this man who has brought the best of desserts to the streets of Faridabad with his own efforts.


The Hall of Fame

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