The Binge Box Cafe: One of The Must Visit Cafes To Explore In Faridabad

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The Binge Box Cafe: One of The Must Visit Cafes To Explore In Faridabad

Life can be so nerve-wracking sometimes. With office bosses, work pressure, approaching exams, pending bills, every avenue seems to multiply the stress. And to hit your hectic moods the perfect shot of relief, The Binge Box can be your hotspot.

With a blogging bent of mind when I came across this café, I decided to feature it as my pick for it’s out of the box look and great food.



Set in the Sector 17 streets of Faridabad, the café nurtures within itself an ambience that is perfectly suited to tune up your dull and demanding regimes. With a setting that boasts of a relaxing break from those hectic schedules, this café contains the perfect mash of music and finger licking food to kick start a chilled out session.


Shaped and groomed by two young enthusiasts, Ashish and Roopali, this Faridabad based café has everything that the city was for a long time deprived of. Nestled in Huda Market, Sector 17, it celebrates the presence of a charming shelter from the humdrum of regular chores.

Ashish, the central figure behind the cafe’s present identity is an Engineer who decided to aspire the restaurant venture for materialising his long nurtured interest in the niche of food.

Roopali has always been the doted support of Ashish, assisting him and the cafe to hold a strong identity.


The ambience is well-furnished with a vibrant and colourful setting. The frames on every wall of The Binge Box communicated that they held a keen eye on the urban trends. With Bob Dylan and Gangs of Wasseypur sharing the same wallspace, the place speaks of the perfect spice of fusion. Even when urban dictionary terms like Textpectation and Askhole rules the cafe space, you know you are not in a regular cafe of Faridabad.



The décor credits go to the owners themselves as it is their hard work and innovative designs that have shaped up the entire café.

Though the café is presently not equipped with enough space, yet they are open to small get together and birthday celebrations. The terrace space opening is on the upfront to give a mesmerising feel of experiencing your cafe sessions right under the spells of rain. Sounds too romantic. Isn’t it? Good news for the young crowd, right?


Apart from the café’s ambience what stole our heart is their extreme hospitality and friendly approach. Both the owners were incredibly approachable and their end to end assistance made us enjoy every nook and corner of the blogging session.

What more? The Binge Box Café is pet-friendly too. So when entire Faridabad has almost compelled to keep your beloved pets back at home during the snacks or dining sessions, The Binge Box is all set to welcome them with all the warmth.

With some great music as the background score, hopping into this cool food joint is indeed a rejuvenating session.


Well most of the cafes while trying to make their ambience special, forget to take care of the appetites of its visitors. However The Binge Box Café came with a trend of exception. The young owners’ innovative ideas were not only confined to the décor but also seeped into the menu. The outcome was that we had a plethora of items to check out for.

With a mix and match of Paastas and burgers, rolls and Maggis, The Binge Box is equipped with almost every single ingredient to satiate your sudden hunger pangs.


What impressed us most was the out of the box names they had chosen for their items. From the “Egg-Jakly” to the “Egg-sample” or the “Hide and Sheekh”, the “Popeye”(a spinach based dish) and the “The Fatty Patty“, every scroll down the menu evoked a new avenue of interest.


For the Shakes and smoothies, I would recommend the Oreo Fantasy, Snickering Snickers and The Nut & Butter.


The Super Chilled Oreo Shake

Each of the items tasted superb which once again reinforces the speciality of the culinary skills. Such good food coming from an engineer’s kitchen truly proves the essence of pursuing your passion.

Coming to desserts that form my favourite section, The Binge Box had a great surprise to offer.

It was the Banana and Cream and indeed the taste was divine, conveying the fresh essence in every bite. It is a healthy bite of banana bread and super delicious icecream. What a fantastic idea!

The banana bread is their in-house product and is the most recommendable dish I would suggest.

So whether it’s a proposal to your girlfriend or an apology to your wife, a hang out with colleagues or a kitty party with friends, The Binge Box goes hand in hand with every purpose.

Nevertheless, the uber friendly owner and the super tasty dishes are the icings on the cake.

Thank you The Binge Box for gifting Faridabad such a creative outlet to satisfy those crazy appetites with the perfect dash of food and ambience.

P.S.: Don’t forget to take a selfie in the Special Selfie Frame of the café.





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