Make Three Super Prompt Delicious Oats Desserts without Those Extra Calorie Counts

Make Three Super Prompt Delicious Oats Desserts without Those Extra Calorie Counts

Are you a dessert freak just like me? Does your meal feel to be incomplete without a dash of sweetness? No wonder, there are thousands of us who shares a beautiful love relationship with the super delicious desserts. However, the increasing waistlines and unfitting apparels often come in between this equation and tend to spoil it all.

But, what if you can satisfy your dessert appetites with some super healthy ingredients? Why do chocolates always become the outlet for our dessert cravings?

Well, keeping in mind these prerogatives, we decided to welcome some super healthy recipes with oats. Oats as we all know is often the secret of a sexy waistline and an obese-free figure. So why not fill our dessert appetites with these uber easy recipes?

Oats and Banana Cake

Ingredients: 2 Cups Oats, 1 semi-ripe banana, 1 tsp baking powder, ½ cup skimmed milk, honey, ½ tsp olive oil (not compulsory)

Process: Take 1.5 cup oats, the ripe banana, 1 tsp baking powder, and skimmed milk and 2 tsp honey and grind it in the mixer.

Now pour the entire mixture into an already olive oil greased bowl and microwave at 750 degrees for 6-7 mins.

Allow it to cool down for some time and then take out the cake from the bowl.

Cut it into pieces and pour 1 tsp honey over it. Spread the remaining half cup oats over the cake evenly.

Your oats cake is ready. Yumm Yumm.


Oata and Banana Cake

Oats Smoothie

This is another super-fast recipe that you can satiate your dessert appetites or thirst with.

Ingredients: 2 cup oats (for two glasses), 2 cup skimmed chilled milk, Cheeku or Pineapple ( any fruit of your choice), We chose the above as they are proved ingredients for low fat., 3 tsp honey, 1/2 tsp dark chocolate powder.

Process: Now take all the ingredients into a blender or a grinder and blend it for 1 min. Garnish with some dry oats and sprinkle the dark chocolate powder.


Oats Smoothie : P.C. Indiatimes

Oats Kheer

This is a very common recipe as most of us would know it.

Ingredients: 2 cups Oats, 3 cups of skimmed milk, 3 tsps of honey, finely chopped apples, 3 almonds( if you are not too concerned about the calorie  counts.

Process:  Cut the almonds right from its centre into two halves and keep them aside. Start boiling the skimmed milk and pour the oats into it and keep stirring. After 2-3 mins as the quantity of the milk tends to lessen, add the chopped apples and serve it in a bowl.


Oats Kheer. P.C. IndiaTimes

Before serving don’t forget to add some honey over it as a topping and the cut almonds.

We have used honey as a substitute of sugar and believe it or not it’s really a true substitute.  Since it’s a healthy ingredient we have used it in all of the recipes.


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