Some Cool Super Moms Social Connoisseurs Feels Proud To Know Of

Some Cool Super Moms Social Connoisseurs Feels Proud To Know Of

We just had the Mother’s Day Season passing by and no wonder social media platforms were flooded with wishes from different nook and corners. But a single day is definitely not enough to celebrate the role of mothers whose entire lives stand dedicated to our well-beings. Their rigorous sessions of labour, unflagging care and uncomplaining love are the treasures that follow us life-long. So today Social Connoisseurs decided to introduce some moms who are not lesser than champions in real life. So if we have super heroes, we have a list of super-moms too.


Sita Umesh

With her inspiring persona and a charming personality, she is not a mother of only a daughter, but also thousands of children. Being the principal of one of the top-notch schools in the Tamil Nadu capital, she has been a truly inspiring figure moulding the lives of thousands of young hearts, helping them to bloom and blossom in every possible manner. Apart from being a mother, a principal and a mentor, she is now a grandmom too. With the fine blend of professional attitude and personal approaches, she now stands as the director of one of the connoisseur institutions of the nation.


 Cindrella Chakrabarti

The mother of two children is also their best friend as well as their mentor and guide. She has been a stupendous source of inspiration as apart from being a full-time mom, she is also a teacher of a reputed school in Kolkata. In fact she is an expert in all what she does and no wonder we are proud to know her personally.


Deepa Sheshadri

Nothing can be impossible with sheer determination and nobody better than her knows it well. This lady is an in-born fighter. Conquering some colossal physical hurdles in her life, she manages to stand apart from the crowd by being a dedicated mom and a super-cool teacher. She is the mother to a young, charming girl and is in fact a true inspiration for teachers. Her patience and tenacity have made her indeed a connoisseur in her role.


Basudha Bhattacharya

Again we have a mother of two kids, Basudha Bhattacharya, a dreamer and an enthusiast from the core. Despite being engaged into a promising profession, she sacrificed her job for her children. Yet the fire to do something in life has always followed her and now she stands as a marketing advisor, a writer and of course a full time mother.


Usha Kishore

This lady has again proved that women are synonymous to ambidexterity. With her managerial skills, she is a brilliant mother who takes care of every inch of their children’s needs. She is also a promising teacher inspiring the lives of hundreds of students with her powerful teaching.


Arundhati Roy Sarkar

A lovely lady who nurtures within her a dream to do something. Without any sort of external help, she has been executing her role as a mother, friend and mentor to her little daughter who is the apple of her eye. Despite cracking TOEFL she decided to keep her profession at a pause and pursue her motherhood full-fledged.


Salvy Gomes D’Costa

Another beautiful mother who is a skilled baker too. Her creative skills at baking would make you fall in love with her cakes instantly. No wonder that counts for the sweetness in her attitude. her unadulterated dedication is reflected in her journey of motherhood too.


Sanghamitra Bakshi

Being a diva from her heart as well as in her appearance, she knows the exact ways how to make herself a great mom. She is an uber cool mom who is the best friend to her son, a bright, young guy. She loves to be herself and now apart from being a mom, she is a principal of a reputed school in Chennai.


Sonam Jaiswal

Mothers are always the best chefs, right? This lady proves it to the core. Apart from being the mother of a cute little boy, she is a dessert specialist, giving birth to some out-of-the-box cakes with her baking skills. Her love for cakes and family makes her a supermom indeed.


Darshana Khanzode

A beautiful woman who is the best companion of her daughter is also the best friend of hundreds of children. Brimming with positive vibes, she is a perfect teacher, a great human being and in fact an impeccable super mom.A jovial personality whose company is always sought when you desire to be a great mom.


Perathu Selvi

Young at heart and soul, this lady knows exactly how to be a great human being. A mom, a teacher and an excellent human being brimming with creativity makes her a super mom indeed. Social Connoisseurs feels proud to know her.


Tandra Paul

Apart from being a traveller at heart, whose quest is always to visit the best spots of the world, she is also a great mother to her two children and the best shoulder of support for them. Her guiding and mentorship traits count for the influential role she plays in the lives of hundreds of herstudents and her own children.


Mukthar Tahsin Fathima

A true fashionista and a cool mom are the USPs of her personality. Apart from being a friendly teacher, she is also the best friend of her two children. Multitasking seems to be an art mastered by every mom, as reinforced by this lady.


Moumita Sen

A girl who loves to smile always has passed her charm to her little daughter too. Being the possessor of a charming personality, she spreads her magic wherever she goes. Undeniably she is a superb mother and a great professional, again proving the notion that supermoms are possible in real life.


Chandrani Roy Goswami

This supermom has a bag of superb managerial skills. Being a full-time mommy, she always thrives to give her child the best, just like any other mom. A young spirited mother who holds a superb dedication for her mommy persona, leaves no rooms for complain in her role.


Ananya Shahi

Another great mom whom Social Connoisseurs feels proud to be acquainted with. She is a dreamer by heart and a cool mom by soul. Being the mother of a two year old son, she is perfectly proficient in her role. She is equally an expert in her professional dimension.


Jayashree Marjit

Have you seen Mary Kom recently? How she fights against all the odds to pursue her passion? Well, Jayashree Marjit falls exactly into the same category. She is a full time mom, a teacher as well as a Martial Arts trainer and what more? She is the coolest mom of her son.


Our list is endless so stay tuned for the next list to come.





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