5 Lesser Known Authentic Bengali Cuisine Pocket-Friendly Restaurants In Kolkata

While most of the credit for Bengali cuisine in the city is bagged by the popular restaurants like Bhajahari Manna and Koshe Kosha, there are some other restaurants too that offer great food with unadulterated Bengali taste.Food and Bengali cannot be segregated. And these restaurants exactly know how to take care of your Bong appetites as well as your pockets at the same time.

Kasturi Restaurant:

When it comes to economy and Bengali cuisine, Kasturi tops the list. The Dhakai flavours of the food will replenish your taste buds. Located in New Market, it is an air-conditioned restaurant offering free wi-fi and the entire menu focuses on bringing alive the Bangladeshi and Bengali flavours to their customers. A new wing has also developed in Dum Dum, Nager Bazar, quite close to Diamond Plaza. Another branch of the Kasturi Restaurant is in Ballygunge and you can just gorge on the Bengali dishes with a simple pocket-friendly price of 600 INR for two. Sounds yummy, isn’t it?

kasturi delicaciesAmi Bangali:

Ami Bangali is situated near Orient Cinema in Esplanade and as its name echoes it is indeed a perfect destination to boast your Bangaliana. The Bengali foods served by this less popular restaurant is worth eating. From snacks to Bengali thalis, this simply decor restaurant has “ilish, mutton kasha, daab chingri, crab curry” and much more to offer. You can have quality food at ₹450 for two, which is quite economic as compared to other expensive restaurants.

Aami Bangali restaurant


Pamper the hidden “Mayer Hater Ranna” (Mom’s cooked food) with Radhuni, an awesome Bengali food destination. Situated in New Market, Radhuni is a bar come restaurant serving Bengali foods beside North Indians. The overtly delicious foods can fully pack your stomach at just ₹350. You can also avail home delivery from this restaurant to proximate areas. Now decide who is the better Radhuni? Your Maa or This?

Radhuni restaurant

Padmaparer Rannaghar

Located in Gariahat, this awesome restaurant though has less visibility but great credibility for its authentic unadulterated Bengali food. While you are out on your shopping ventures in Gariahat, this place deserves a drop by for cheap and delicious Bengali food.

Padmaparer Rannaghar

Poter Bibi Dhakuria

This newly built restaurant is a great hub to cherish the Bangaliana in the most outstanding way. Its delicacies are so tempting in appeal that even the harshest of critics would fall a prey to them. Skip cooking and become a poter Bibi today in this restaurant’s company.Poter Bibi Dhakuria

Review By : Ankita Roychoudhury

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