Meet Amrita Sengupta: The Lady Behind Those Wonderful Cakes

Meet Amrita Sengupta: A Versatile Baker in The Hub of Pune

After Social Connoisseurs’ attempts at the restaurants of the city of Joy, we now switch to a different mode of blogging and introduce to you Amrita Sengupta, a dessert specialist. To be more precise, Amrita is a cake specialist who holds in her hands the magic of gifting the most creative looks to her cakes and the outcome is indeed marvellous. We assure you just can’t take off your eyes when it comes to the bakery section of Amrita. Her bakery showcase flaunting the most appealing cakes is an instant booster to your dessert appetites. Forget the calories and just dive into the divine tastes with these yummilicious tokens of cakes.


Amrita hailing from Kolkata and at present a Pune inhabitant had always nurtured an impeccable desire for baking. It was after her marriage when she learnt about her husband’s sweet tooth; her baking skills received a prompt motivation. Thanks to the man behind her success. Her passion fuelled and there she was in her kitchen giving birth to some outstanding pieces of tempting cakes.

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Amrita’s baking skills are not only restricted to cakes but she is an equal connoisseur in breads and cookies to. When asked Amrita about her extraordinary skills, she was too humble and claimed that she is a novice in the field. But we all know Amrita your cakes are just out of the world.

Apart from being a great baker, she is also a teacher in one of the reputed schools in  Pune. When asked that whether she desires to pursue this passion as a profession, Amrita says “Why not”? And definitely we too agree the same Amrita, why not? We would earn such a great opportunity to taste such irresistible delicacies.

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Let’s take a look at Amrita’s versatile baking gallery.





13340451_912178178891245_2146731533_o (1)So now, after you have seen those appetizing cakes, you exactly know where to go to if you need the best birthday, anniversary, wedding or congratulatory cakes in Pune.

Thanks to this awesome baker in town

Amrita Sengupta

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