5 Most Economic Eateries in Esplanade: Review by Ankita Roychowdhury

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 5 Most Economic Eateries in Esplanade

Esplanade is indeed the hub of Kolkata with its proximity to the high-crazed New Market and gadget destination Chandni Chowk. It indeed attracts a great deal of visitors everyday and no wonder one of the hotspots to try out some of the best delicacies of Kolkata. So next time you plan to drop by the Esplanade area, don’t forget to give these food hubs a sure try.

Denizens of Kolkata relish their taste-buds by gorging on various available foods. “Mach,misthi and much more” , from Chinese and Mughlai to patent Bengali foods, Calcuttans are food lovers. The “Bangali-Ana” of the food is what makes the dishes truly divine to taste. Once you are in Kolkata, you must not miss the chance of straying around in the local streets of Esplanade and get involved in some quality food. Cheap yet tasty, 5 economical restaurants in Esplanade area are:


With a pocket pinch of ₹500 for two, get the town’s best “biriyani” in the much recognized Aminia. The proficient menu has so much to offer its customers.  The only deceiving factor of this restaurant is its taste. It serves more than 100 customers a day.

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Aminia restaurant.jpg

  1. Nizam’s:

Nizam’s is a typical down-town classic restaurant that  serves with the best Mughlai foods. Kebabs, Curries and the authentic biriyanis .You just need a pocket pinch of ₹500 to full your stomach. Once you have eaten in Nizam , you will crave to make more visits.

Nizams restaurant rolls.jpg

  1. Ralli’s:

If you have been in Kolkata and haven’t visited Ralli’s,then you have missed the taste of traditional South Indian Food. A pure vegetarian restaurant offering street foods and South Indian savours , you can wrap up in just a ₹150. The shakes and lassie can make you go gaga.

Rallis food


  1. Rangmahal:

An approximate ₹300 is sufficient to satiate your apetites in this air conditioned restaurant. If you are lucky, you might get an extra piece of mutton or chicken and the quantity is enough. Just Kidding ! Rangmahal is just located beside Roxy, the famous theatre.  Both Mughlai as well as Chinese and Italian cuisines are available throughout the day. It is indeed a home to some best mocktails too.

Rangmahal Kebabs

  1. Scoop:

A restaurant charging almost moderate prices, Scoop is value for money. It offers free Wi-Fi and the range of ice-creams and foods are truly amazing. The desserts are super-creamy and pampering enough to make you revisit the place. Scoop shelters all Chinese and Italian cuisines. Basil Flavored Thai Noodles, Sizzler and Jap Chicken are the specialities to gorge on. Puppy Love can be a great dessert to end the grand lucheon. So come and indulge in the flavours today with a mere investment of 700 INR only for two people.

New market scoop special


So when are you beginning the Esplanade food festival?

Do let us know!!

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